Month: September 2017

Week #3 Review

What a week! We had so much planned and organized, but then our colds lingered longer than expected and we just needed some time to heal.  Nevertheless, we still had a lots on the go and just took extra breaks in between. Unfortunately, since the bug slowed me down (moreso than the kids), we had […]

Week #2 Review

It’s so hard to believe that we’re only 2 weeks into our first official homeschooling time, as things seem to be flowing together so naturally, that it seems as though we’ve been at it for years! We really took advantage of the beautiful weather this week to get lots of outside self-directed play and to […]

The Apple Orchard

I think one of my favourite things about homeschooling, is how flexible it is.   I’m pretty eclectic in my approach, but will be following my provincial curriculum at the request of my husband.  Nevertheless, the majority of learning will be child directed and really just going off of their interests. I also plan on […]

Welcome to Our Adventure

Thank you so much for joining us on our learning adventures! We have officially completed our first week of homeschooling!  Considering that the kids are only 4 and 2 at the moment, I’m keeping it pretty unstructured and following their lead. I had a lot of activities planned for the week, but we ended up […]