Month: March 2018

Sick Break

Whenever school holidays come up, I get a little bit anxious.  I’m not a fan of big crowds and don’t particularly enjoy taking my kids on outings to places jam-packed with amped-up kids and frazzled parents.  Needless to say, I wasn’t looking forward to keeping my kids home over the March Break, while the weather […]

Getting Out

It’s winter here in Canada (well almost spring), so getting out and about with a kindergartener, a preschooler and a newborn isn’t that easy.  I also hate the cold, winter, ice, snow, wind and so on.  So, it’s very easy for me to just borrow into a little nest and sleep the bad weather away.  […]

Full Moon Full Week

This was our first full week of homeschooling with dad back to work.  Aside from me trying to function with the early mornings, the week went quite well. I actually found that the kids seemed to want a bit of downtime this week, and were a little less enthusiastic about running out and about.  I […]