Bunnies and Eggs

To all who celebrate and to those who welcome warm wishes, I hope you all had a wonderful Easter/long weekend!  

We are a secular family, however, we still participate in the cultural elements of many Judeo-Christian celebrations.  It is really a cultural thing and passing on the warm memories of our own family traditions to our kids.  We do not engage in the religious stories associated with them, but enjoy giving gifts and the time spent with family.

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Got these adorable bunny baskets from Thirty-One Gifts!So this past week, we rather enjoyed preparing for Easter and celebrating the beginning of spring.  The kids had lots of fun playing with the fairy gardens we made last week colouring pictures of rabbits and eggs, and of course playing with one of their favourite mediums: playdoh!


Of course, part of the spring celebration festivities is decorating eggs!  I had some old dye kits laying around from when we had Target in Canada (oh how I miss thee) and pulled them out for the kids.  They were so excited to decorate eggs and were incredibly patient waiting for the eggs to boil.  ​


Naturally, decorating eggs wasn’t enough, and we had to add a bit of scientific inquiry into our art activity and discussed buoyancy.  The kids made predictions about whether or not the eggs would float and noticed the differences between buoyancy of those that were cracked and those that were intact.  This led to testing out various items from around the house during bath time!  How often we forget that learning happens everywhere!


Not only did we decorate eggs to prepare, but I also made the kids some adorable Easter shirts!  The kids loved helping me design and put together the shirts, so much so, that Nathaniel went to work making clothes for his toys!  

​Most of our week and weekend was spent with family and the children basking in the light of their relatives’ love. 

Hoping you and yours had a wonderful long weekend!