Full Moon Full Week

This was our first full week of homeschooling with dad back to work.  Aside from me trying to function with the early mornings, the week went quite well.

I actually found that the kids seemed to want a bit of downtime this week, and were a little less enthusiastic about running out and about.  I really didn’t mind, and kind of enjoyed a quieter (and less expensive) week (mostly) in.

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This week, the kids really got into Cosmic Kids Yoga.  If you haven’t discovered it yet, it’s a Youtube series of yoga videos for kids.  The host is a super friendly, expressive story teller, who incorporates various yoga moves to go along with the story or poem she’s telling.  My kids absolutely love it and I love that it gets them moving and exploring space.


At the beginning of the week, I cleaned out the fridge a bit and decided to use up some of the not so great looking veggies by making a soup.  This was a great opportunity to discuss healthy food choices, practice measuring and using fine motor skills.  After we made our big pot of vegetable soup, the kids went to work making their own special soup, which lead to some great pretend play time.


Cleaning the garage is something we desperately need to do, so I’ve been picking away at it slowly.  On garbage day, I brought in a bunch of boxes that needed to broken down for recycling.  This lead to an impromptu art exploration session, where the kids decorated the boxes with markerscrayons and stickers, while listening to some Mozart.  This made for a very fun afternoon, and after the boxes were decorated they became cars, trains, space ships, doll beds and houses.  We ended up with quite an imaginative day!


My kids are obsessed with brushing their teeth.  It’s a bit ridiculous how much they love brushing their teeth.  So, I was pretty pumped when I stumbled upon this Alphabet Teeth Cleaning printable on TotSchooling.net.  I ended up printing and laminating copies for both big kids and then modified the game a bit.  For the oldest, I wrote sight words on each tooth and then letters for the younger one.  I then randomly called out the words and letters for the kids to erase.  We did two rounds this way, and then switched to numbers.  I did random numbers to 1000 for the four year old and then random numbers to 20 for the two year old.  They had an absolutely blast!  After they did the more formal letter/word/number recognition, I let them just do their thing with the teeth and brushes.  This has been a printable that they’ve asked to have pulled back out multiple times!   ​​

What did you get up to this week?