Sick Break

Whenever school holidays come up, I get a little bit anxious.  I’m not a fan of big crowds and don’t particularly enjoy taking my kids on outings to places jam-packed with amped-up kids and frazzled parents.  Needless to say, I wasn’t looking forward to keeping my kids home over the March Break, while the weather was not so great.  So, I booked some play dates with out of town friends, in the hopes of keeping my kids entertained without having to the masses.  Then, my kids got sick, and our plans went out the window.  It’s kind of funny (in a not so funny way), that illness hits our home every single March Break.  Even going back through my Facebook memories, there are so many posts about March Break and someone (albeit usually me) being sick.  This year certainly kept the tradition alive.

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So, we spent the March Break sick at home.  This gave us a nice excuse to avoid the insanity of children’s programs for the week, but cancelling on friends was a total downer.  My kids also tend to not lose any energy when they’re sick.  Instead, they get cabin fever and become super energetic, grumpy balls of snot and mucous.  Not fun.  Still, we managed to survive the week and keep the children as low-key as possible 

Fortunately, this past week the kids were on the mend.  Since they still had some cold symptoms, I kept them home for the week.  I don’t really do it for their benefit, as getting out of the house would actually do them some good, but to keep us from spreading the germs and infecting others.  

This week was also the first day of spring, which we were all very excited for!  I can’t wait to get out in the sunshine, work on our garden and just breath the fresh air.  To celebrate the beginning of spring, I took advantage of a half price sale at Michaels and picked up a bunch of items to make fairy gardens.  The kids have a fairy garden at their grandparents’ house, so they already knew all about them.  The loved the fact that they each got their own garden, that was a special ‘indoor’ fairy garden!  They had an absolute blast putting the fairy gardens together, rearranging the layouts and taking their fairies and the forest creatures on adventures.


After making and playing with their fairy gardens, we taped some toilet paper rolls together and went on a bird watching adventure.  The kids thought the binoculars were the best things ever and loved discovering all sorts of creatures (real and make believe) throughout the house.


We shop online a lot, and always have lots of boxes for the kids to decorate and play with.  One day, an unnecessarily big box arrived, which Nathaniel immediately claimed to make a TV with.  He asked me to cut out a hole for him to put on shows, and after I did, we had an impromptu drama/music lesson!  Nathaniel entertained us with many different nursery rhymes and songs, much to his and his sister’s delight!

After he finished his performances, Sophia quickly found that it was a pretty great canvas for her art!


Now that the colds are over and we are all in good health, I’m looking forward to a week of adventure, fun and getting out of the house!