Take Me Out to the Ball Game

We are pretty big baseball fans in this family.

I grew up on the diamond and both of my brothers played ball in University.  So it was such a blessing that my husband loves baseball too.  Go Jays Go!

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While the kids are used to the game being on in the background at any given time at our home or their grandparents’, we’ve never pushed it too much.  We’ll play catch every once and a while and they have a tee that they hit off at my parents’ house.  

This year, Nathaniel was finally old enough and showed enough signs of  maturity for coaching, to join our local Little League team.  And he absolutely LOVES it!

Needless to say, we are pretty thrilled with his new found baseball passion and are rolling with it.  


Last week my dad was on holidays, so we decided to take the kids for a trip down to Toronto and visit the aquarium.  ​

It is such an incredible facility and the kids had an absolute blast!  We were lucky in that we went on a random Thursday during the school year, so it wasn’t any where near as busy as it typically is.  Of course, that doesn’t say too much as this place seems to be busy all the time.  Nevertheless, we were able to enjoy going right up to most of the tanks and not too much crowd chaos.


While the kids absolutely loved the aquarium and seeing all the different types of fish, the highlight of the trip was our late lunch.  Embracing Nathaniel’s new love of baseball, we decided to eat lunch at the Club Windows Restaurant overlooking the Jay’s field.  


The kids were thrilled to see where the Blue Jays play and Sophia was absolutely amazed that the Blue Jays are real (and not just tv characters).  

All in all we had a lovely day, which made me so grateful for the freedom that homeschooling gives us.

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