Week #2 Review

It’s so hard to believe that we’re only 2 weeks into our first official homeschooling time, as things seem to be flowing together so naturally, that it seems as though we’ve been at it for years!

We really took advantage of the beautiful weather this week to get lots of outside self-directed play and to fill our schedule with some fun activities!

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We began the week at our local indoor sports dome, where they have an assortment of inflatable jumpy castles, balls, hula hoops and pylons for kids to play with.  It is a really awesome biweekly event, and super affordable, at just $5 a child for up to 3 hours of play!  The kids always have a blast and we try to make it out weekly during the year.

​Then we had our first outing at Learning at The Woods, an outdoor education center focused on self-directed learning and exploration in a wooded area on the Bruce Trail.  We were so lucky that our session landed on an absolutely gorgeous day for outdoor exploration!  Sophia was a little reluctant and clung to me most of the time (which when navigating a forest floor which included streams, while pregnant, a little tricky), but Nathaniel had a blast exploring and climbing through the natural obstacles.  They also found a few frogs, which were the highlight of the day!  

We rounded out the week with a trip to African Lion Safari, which is always a favourite place to visit – especially when school’s in session and the park is pretty quiet.  Since the splash pad is closed for the season, we took our time enjoying the rest of the park without having to navigate crowds.


Then we headed to the Apple Orchard, and enjoyed a beautiful day on a family-focused orchard, picking apples and pears, going on wagon rides and playing in corn!  ​​

We wrapped up the week with a visit to Grandma’s house, where I took a much deserved and needed nap, and the kids had a fun day playing with Grandma!

Unfortunately, at some point during the week we were exposed to an icky virus that has left us sick all weekend 🙁  We had many plans for the weekend too, but they were paused for some good old fashioned R&R!  

As a result of this bug, next week will likely start off a little slower as we get well (and avoid spreading it to others) before jumping back on the horse! ​