Week #3 Review

What a week!

We had so much planned and organized, but then our colds lingered longer than expected and we just needed some time to heal.  Nevertheless, we still had a lots on the go and just took extra breaks in between.

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Unfortunately, since the bug slowed me down (moreso than the kids), we had a lot more screen time than I would’ve liked.  Fortunately, since the kids don’t seem to lose any energy when they’re sick, they spent a great deal of time outside playing in the backyard.  We lucked out with unseasonably warm weather, so the sunshine and fresh air certainly did a lot for their disposition and healing.

Not only did I rely on the backyard to keep the kids entertained for me, I also pulled out the playdough.  I can’t stand the texture or smell of it and hate cleaning it up, but it’s a lot of fun for the kids and kept them busy for decent size chunks of time.

Even though we didn’t go to any of our normal activities, we still made a trip to African Lion Safari on Friday, which was a nice break change of pace and location.


It was certainly a nice week to have some quiet bins on hand, and with fresh activities, they kept the kids entertained when I needed a few minutes.  

Along with a colouring book, crayons and stickers, I also included the following activities:

Letter Matching Apple Tree
After the apple picking adventure we took during week 2, I thought this would be a fun activity to feed off the excitement of the trip.  The kids loved it, and while the two year old mostly just liked putting apples on the tree (regardless of the attached letter) the four year old loved matching the letters and had a great time!


Shape Matching
I got this activity from typicallysimple.com, and the two year old absolutely loved it!  I didn’t add velcro to the shapes, but instead just had the kids place them on top of each other.  The two year old loved matching the shapes and especially loved yelling out their names as she did!  While it was a very simple task for the four year old, he enjoyed it nonetheless.


Pom Pom Numbers
This was an activity both kids enjoyed!  Not only did they like counting out the pom poms and sorting them by colour, but they also had fun placing the pom poms on the dots!  Of course it didn’t take long for the pom poms to get thrown all over the floor (much to the cat’s delight), nevertheless, it made for a fun few minutes of organized learning fun!


Now that we’re over our colds, we will be heading back to our normally scheduled activities this week!  Of course, we are under extreme heat warnings, which may throw a wrench in our plans!

How did your week go?