Week #8 Review

Unfortunately, our beautiful extended summer weather seems to have come to an end, and we were stuck with a cold, rainy week.  Since the kids had just gotten over some nasty prolonged bug, I didn’t want to expose their tired immune systems, so we didn’t venture far or out in the yucky weather. Nevertheless, we found lots of fun things to do inside while keeping warm!

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After seeing some awesome CVC Phoneme cards on inmyworld.com, I logged into Amazon and picked up a couple of packs of scrabble tiles.  Even though I could have printed and laminated letter blocks, the tiles gave the activity an extra level and saved me a lot of time!  The two year old wasn’t remotely interested in this activity (understandably), but the four year old loved it!


This week the kids also discovered the joy of rolling dice!  I found this super fun bug counting activity over at themeasuredmom.com, and they both had a blast rolling their dice and filling their jars with bugs.  Unfortunately, they seemed to have inherited my fear of bugs, so this was a nice friendly way to anthropomorphize bugs and make them a little less scary, all while practicing counting and developing fine motor skills!  Win-win!


With Halloween quickly approaching, I picked up some small pumpkin decorations at Dollarma and then printed off these fun truck printables from lifeovercs.com.  The kids then counted out the little pumpkins to fill the truck beds.  Not only did the kids enjoy filling their trucks, but the pumpkins occupied them throughout the rest of the day in many imaginative play activities.  Of course, I keep finding pumpkins when I move things to clean, but that’s just part of the fun of learning at home!


Now that the kids are over their colds and Halloween is on Tuesday, we are looking forward to a night of trick or treating and time celebrating the spooky season!