When Nothing is Actually Something

I’ve been chewing on what to write about this week, well all week!

Monday was a holiday, and we enjoyed a wonderful play date with dear old friends (both mine and the kids’).

Tuesday, my awesome sister-in-law took the older two to an indoor playground, while the baby and I hung out at home cleaning and crafting.

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Wednesday, we headed to my parents’ place and my mom entertained the kids while I took a nap, vegged out and ran some errands.

Thursday, Nathaniel woke up with a nasty cold and hubs was off work.

Friday, hubs was off work again, Nathaniel was still sick and Sophia was starting to come down with it too.

It really didn’t seem like a week worth writing about, as others did a lot of kid engagement followed by a nasty bug that called for lots of R&R.  Then I thought about it, we did a whole lot of learning even though it was completely informal.

There was of course lots of social skill development as the kids planned with friends their own age, navigated their own conflicts amongst each other, interacted with various adults in different situations and made new friends at the indoor playground.

Bouncing off that was the great gross motor development at the indoor playground where they ran, climbed, slid and jumped for hours.

We also played a bunch of Pokemon Go, which allowed for a great deal of math skills, which included counting how many Pokemon we had, figuring out how many more we needed to evolve, or how many more candies we needed until an evolution.  Not only did it develop numeracy, but literacy too, as we figured out how to read new Pokemon’s names and read the instructions for the new quests.

Of course being sick, lead to discussions around health and self-care.  We talked a great deal about why we don’t go out and visit people while sick and the importance of hygiene and hand washing.

For myself, I also decided to learn how to knit!  I’m not sure why I chose a baby blanket as my first project (it takes sooo long!) but nevertheless, it’s something new and lots of fun!

It’s really amazing how when I stopped to lament the lack of learning, I discovered that there was actually a whole lot done!